I believe...


... I believe the process of teaching is the removal of all obstacles which stand in the way of children’s learning, because I teach children, not a school subject, so my job should be planning my lessons according to my children’s needs.
I believe I have to find out who in my classes learn best through words, pictures, numbers, music, body language…, because everybody has a different approach towards learning, so I have to do my lesson planning to include their different learning channels.
I believe that games are essential, because they help to train a child’s memory and creativity and teach children to control their feelings (anxiety, impatience, anger), so I play with my children in English as much as I can.
I believe that education cannot do without values (freedom, peace, respect, honesty, responsibility, cooperation…), because values are the key to help our students (and ourselves) to solve the many sorts of problems and conflicts that every day come our way, so I say to myself I have to reflect upon their importance and act accordingly.
I believe I have to enjoy myself as much as I can when I’m working , because it is the best way to teach a memorable lesson, so I tend to consider everyday problems as new opportunities.
I believe my life is a gift.

Paolo Iotti  
[email protected]